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About Us

We answer business challenges and problems through systems thinking and agile management using software to provide solutions.
Our clients benefit from our extensive technical network of UK (1,500 IT contractors and consultants) and our overseas Partners across Europe and India.
We keep our expertise sharp and at the cutting edge of innovations in software development, agile management and the IT industry through hosting our own suite of events and conferences.

Our Clients

Clients are our focus, working with exceptional organisations and teams enriches our experience and expands our capabilities to meet the challenges businesses face.

Established Brands

UBS, JP Morgan, Barclays, HSBC, BBC News
We have delivered innovation and stability to these large brands based in London through our enterprise software development and support services, leveraging our technical network of industry professionals.

Technical Startups

Bootstrapping a new company brings many constraints and limited resources. We have helped new technical startups optimise their spend and create that all important first minimum viable product to demo and showcase their ideas. We then develop this through iterative product development utilising flexible freelance experts in part and full-time roles as needed maximising productivity and minimising cost.

International Growth

Leveraging our Consulting expertise, we work with startups looking to grow their brand and solutions into new territories and countries. With our network we bring the local understanding, language and cultural knowhow to accelerate the introduction and establishment of new innovative startups and solutions to markets enabling rapid growth.

Our Approach

Innovation is key to us and while other software development companies focus on re-use and scale, our approach is to craft the bespoke software that is flexible and reliable for our client’s demanding and unique needs foremost to deliver that MVP.
We rely heavily on our test driven approach to bake in the stability that our solutions demand to meet the trust our clients put in us.
Although bespoke development is our art, we build solutions and systems that grow and scale with our client’s needs leveraging automation and boosting productivity in a stable, efficient and reliable way.

Our Services


Partnership with us.


Consult from us.


Training from us.

Partner with Us

partnerships in all the segments to assist our community members. We admit recruitment is one of the core needs of our group members. We refer candidates from our community to different Clients. We are always developing new channel partners to help our community members. Here are the links to our meetup and conferences.

London IT Contractors Grouphttps://www.meetup.com/London-IT-Contractors-Group/

With more than 1000 members, this meetup for IT Contractors hosts regular tech talks and networking events in the city of London.

London Dev Community Meetupwww.london-dev.com

With more than 2000 members, this meetup for developers hosts regular tech talks and dev coffees in the city of London.

Progscon Conferencewww.progscon.co.uk

A conference for Polyglot Programmers that takes place every year in September.

Aginext.io Conferencewww.aginext.io

A conference about what’s next in Agile. 2 days of engaging talks and workshops to explore where Lean and Agile will emerge next. Usually takes place in March.

Agile Tour London Conferencewww.agiletourlondon.co.uk

One of the biggest Agile Conferences in London. An event open to everyone from beginner to seasoned Agilists. It takes place around Sat, every year.

DevChain Conferencewww.devchain.io

A brand new conference about Smart Contracts and Blockchains from a developer’s point of view: No startup pitch, just architecture and coding! The first edition will take place in September 2018.

DevChain London Meetupwww.meetup.com/devchain-london

A meetup dedicated to Blockchain and Smart Contracts for professional developers.


You need to help your potential clients understand and assess your product.We help you to help them whether it is - 

A technical presence at a pre-sales meeting.

developing a proof of concept at your client's site, we can provide the necessary resources.

We have access to 1500+ freelance IT consultants based in London and around the UK.Our consultants are involved in development, testing, system implementation and project management for some of the biggest companies in the UK.

We have the right to work anywhere in the EU nations and have unrestricted access to non-EU countries as well.


How this works 

  • You provide training in your product to a select set of our consultants.
  • Our consultant will use that training to help with proof of concepts or pre-sales meetings at your clients.
  • Training can be via web at times convenient to you.

Proof Of Concept

  • Terms of proof of concept should be agreed between you and your client.
  • We supply one more trained consultants at your client's site for a fixed number of days for a fixed price.
  • We do not provide sales support.

Additional Benefits 

No VISA Worries

Access to EU as well as the UK

Fluent English Speakers

Local Culture Understood


For a fixed partner fee,  we will act as a UK partner providing 

Access to large pool of UK based IT Consultants

Product Feedback from our experienced developers, testers and integrators 

Potential sales leads from the large group 

Visit your headquarters by one of our team members.

Presentation at select UK and EU Tech Conferences - Talk Fields ( www.talkfields.com ) is our partner company runs these tech conference events in London.



As part of the sustainability of our skills and expertise our consultants offer training to our network and clients. The training is bespoke where needed and flexible covering Blockchain, AI/Machine Learning, Fullstack Development, Cyber Security, Agile Management and Software Development Lifecycle training to name a few. Keeping up with the latest developments in these fields ensures our skills and resources are at the top of their game covering the full-range of capabilities and functions our client’s businesses need.

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